Your Privacy is Safe!

What does the EB Bookkeeper 4you stand for?

The EB Bookkeeper4you guarantees that the website where you recently subscribed belongs to a customer who follows the best practices of permission-based email marketing.

How does the EB Bookkeeper4you work in practice?

Every EB Bookkeeper4you customer must abide by the following rules to ensure that your inbox and privacy are 100% safe:

EB Bookkeeper 4you anti-spam and compliance efforts

At EB Bookkeeper4you, we are constantly striving to ensure that no spam is sent from our email servers. In fact, we have zero-tolerance for spam.

We manage advanced automated systems a well as human verification processes in order to take immediate action whenever we see potential risk of irrelevant or undesired content being sent.

These practices keep the risk of receiving unsolicited content to a minimum and protect the reputation of both the sender and of EB Bookkeeper4you as a provider of permission- based email marketing solution.

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